AgriGanics - Affordable solutions for sustainable agriculture

AgriGanics was established in 2009 to provide affordable tools and services to support New Zealand farmers working towards sustainable agriculture.

AgriGanics’ range of services and products are all focused on improving agricultural operations’ profitability, by improving the health of the soil. Some of the tools challenge the norms of conventional farming, yet all are backed by science – and results.

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Bruce Hore

AgriGanics owner Bruce Hore farmed for many years before he began working with Neal Kinsey in 2005. He has since become New Zealand’s most experienced Kinsey-Albrecht consultant, regularly upskilling through ongoing attendance at Kinsey-Albrecht Programmes, including the Advanced 1 and 2 courses. AgriGanics organises tours to different parts of the world, showcasing the potential of the Kinsey-Albrecht Programme.

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