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Nematode Suppressent


Sincocin is a naturally-derived nematicide. The liquid concentrate is formed from plant extracts and, unlike conventional nematicides, Sincocin does not suppress beneficial nematode species. It is also used to improve a plant’s ability to withstand environmental stress.


Sincocin promotes healthier roots, by reducing the feeding vigour of parastitic nematode species, while stimulating predatory nematode species.

Sincocin saturates the root zone with plant extracts, which interfere with plant parasitic nematodes’ ability to locate host plants. Because saprophytic nematodes employ other food-locating mechanisms, they are not affected. Sincocin is not a toxin, so it does not reduce the incidence of beneficial microorganisms essential to nutrient cycling and availability.

Sincocin is effective when used as a preventative measure. Where high populations of plant parasitic

nematodes are present or indonematodes have infected, it is possible to use Sincocin in conjunction with conventional nematicides. In such cases, Sincocin should be applied following a single application of the pesticide. Ongoing Sincocin applications will keep the nematode population down, while also promoting beneficial nematode species and reducing residual toxicity in the soil.

Sincocin is working particularly well in New Zealand bowling green systems.

Application is via boom, fan jet or spray equipment.

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Farmer Feedback

“Nematodes have been a re-occurring problem on our club’s number 2 green for years. We gave Sincocin a try. We've used three applications and there's been no sign of nematodes since. It's been a particularly dry season, so if they were going to be a problem, this was the year. We'll continue to use Sincocin - the results are excellent.”

Jim McEldoney
Green keeper
New Plymouth Bowling Club

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